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Killed for honor

In the history of religion there are a lot of horrible facts among the respected ones, the ones that must strengthen the spirituality of a person and make people proud of their faith.

What frightens the world right now is the increasing amount of women honor killings in Muslim countries and communities in Europe. This is the religious ritual, the sign that seems so obsolete, one can hardly believe that such animal laws can still exist in the modern developed world.

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Angelique series by Sergeanne Golon

“Angelique” was one of my favorite books when I was 18. It is written by Anne and Serge Gollon (Sergeanne Golon). It was a pen name of Simone Changeux and Vsevolod Sergeïvich Goloubinoff. “Angelique” series contains 13 books. It tells us about a beautiful woman named Angelique who lived in France in XVII century. Simone was writing the series of novels while her husband was trying to learn more information about that time, studying documents at the Versailles library.

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How to Keep Fit At Home

The fitness equipment is too expensive and it demands a lot of space in the house. The fitness club is too far and you simply have no free time to attend it. Sometimes you can’t manage to do all the household activities and have no time left for shaping your body. If this situation is familiar to you the following tips will help you to keep fit without not only leaving your house but also the distracting from you everyday routine. To provide the essential physical strain and make your body burn the fat one should just add some exercise to his or her natural movements.

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Falling In Love With Yourself: Signs Of Low Self-Esteem And Ways To Rise It

When you love yourself, the life itself starts loving you, and if you are having hard times accepting yourself with all your shortcomings, you definitely need some help. Some people spend many years (and dollars) on visiting psychiatrists who are supposed to help them solve this problem, but in fact, you can easily cope with it on your own. So, you belong to this category of people if you:

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Swimming Tips For Chickens

I’ve heard many legends about human’s “unfloatability”. They say that being in the water is unnatural for a human being, but I dare to disagree. ANY healthy person can swim, and that’s a proven fact. Are you still afraid of approaching the water? Let me tell you something.


First of all, human body IS able to float. Basically, it is heavier than the water because of the bones and organs. So, what helps us floating? Right you are, the air. It is concentrated primarily in our lungs and intestine, and it means that we won’t drawn until we stopped breathing. So, the first advice is: BREATHE! Try to calm down, don’t make any intrusive moves and breathe softly.

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Food movies you should watch and “try”.

Food and dining, restaurants and cafes never play essential narrative role in cinema, except several movies I would like to discuss in my post. It is fair to say that pretty often the story of the film can take place in a restaurant or bar. Eating is just inevitable part of our life so it is not surprising to see characters dining in restaurants or hanging out in bars all the time. As a rule restaurants, bars or cafes are just places where main characters meet, spend spare time, talk, quarrel, part or split up. But directors and producers not often prefer food theme to other subjects as a key element of the movies. Anyway there are worth seeing and estimating exceptions you should keep in mind and of course watch.

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New Trend – Itinerary

Nowadays, when the Internet provides endless opportunities to reveal your talent or improve creative skills, writing became a common activity among all groups of the society. Everybody write, some for their own pleasure, some for the purpose to become known among the readers. A new trend in the world of writing is itinerary, a travel journal, or, as it is called in the modern language, travelog.

In travelogs you do not only describe your trip in terms of “I have visited the ruins of Angkor which present an excellent example of Khmer art”. It sounds boring and, besides, this information can be found in any guidebook devoted to Cambodia. What you need is to find something unique, to tell about the country through the prism of your own perception, to describe funny adventures you’ve experienced while visiting, for instance, the forbidden for tourists zones of these Angkor ruins.

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