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Food movies you should watch and “try”.

Food and dining, restaurants and cafes never play essential narrative role in cinema, except several movies I would like to discuss in my post. It is fair to say that pretty often the story of the film can take place in a restaurant or bar. Eating is just inevitable part of our life so it is not surprising to see characters dining in restaurants or hanging out in bars all the time. As a rule restaurants, bars or cafes are just places where main characters meet, spend spare time, talk, quarrel, part or split up. But directors and producers not often prefer food theme to other subjects as a key element of the movies. Anyway there are worth seeing and estimating exceptions you should keep in mind and of course watch.

If you a romantic enough then do not miss Chocolat (2000) romance film by Lasse Hallström. It may sound strange and ambiguous but for me this film is very delicious and watching it is like trying a bar of plain chocolate. I also may describe it as very gentle and tender, soft and delicate, subtle and mild. I would keep in secret the storyline of the movie just to intrigue you and pick your interest. The only thing I tell you is that the cast includes feminine and gorgeous Juliette Binoche and very bold Johnny Depp. It is just very beautiful romance story as it must be.

Another film close to chocolate theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) by Tim Burton. By the way Johnny Depp is featured in this movie as well. But this time he performs a role of frantic and a little bit weird character of Willy Wonka who run his own chocolate factory attracting attention of millions children. Once he decided to conduct a tour for five kids through his magnificent factory. It is just a fairy tale full of stereotypes about good and evil, about mean and obedient kids. The visual style as frantic and bright as personality of Willy Wonka brilliantly performed by Johnny Depp. Some of things seem strange and odd, the other are predictable and usual. Sometimes the movie reminds me the Wizard of Oz (1939) musical, visually and semantically they are definitely similar with each other while Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is not a musical at all. Show it to your kids and enjoy the craziness of some of director’s decisions.

But if you are not satisfied with these two movies and you want immerse yourself into atmosphere of cooking and food feasting then the Chinese Feast (1995) by Tsui Hark is exactly for you. The plot is very simple. It is a story about elite cooking contest between leading Asian cooks. Watching the film you will get acquainted with traditional and luxurious Cantonese dishes, cooking principles and rules. The movie is one of the funniest and hilarious in Hong Kong cinematography. By the way the cast is brilliant and includes Leslie Cheung, Anita Yuen, Kenny Bee. Funny, interesting and very delicious!


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