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Air France

Air France was a duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. School friends Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt created a band and released tracks which are usually described as Balearic disco, beach foam pop, disco dub and post-rave bliss. It is hard to believe that this music was composed in a cold and remote Swedish city. Well, it is so. In March 2012 Karlsson and Markstedt announced about split-up of the band. Their most favorable albums are No Way Down and On Trade Winds. By 2011 the band became extremely popular among indie groups. The guys performed in Europe, Canada and in the United States. The duo released their albums and several singles under the record label Sincerely Yours based in Gothenburg and established by The Tough Alliance.

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How to Learn to Sing Well

Many people like singing. We sing the scout songs accompanied by the sounds of a guitar or sing together with our favorite pop stars imagining that a hair comb in our hand is a microphone. Someone may murmur the favorite tunes while having a shower and another people sing during cleaning their house. But to love singing doesn’t mean to sing well. If you have decided to pick up singing as your new hobby you may be asking yourself a question about the way to learn how to sing well.

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My Top 10 Hottest Male Musicians

Girls often tend to fall in love with hot singers and musicians from famous bands. I decided to make my own top and I hope you will agree with me mostly.

So here is it:

10. Bruno Mars also known as Peter Gene Hernandez is another hot musician, an American singer very popular last year. Influenced by Elvis Presley he resembles him a lot in his hair cut and clothing. His music performance is unforgettable.

9. Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. A lot of girls used to suffer from infatuation with his perfect nose, gorgeous chin, big and dark eyes enlarged with make up. His amazing hairstyle is remarkable and remains in one’s mind for a long time if not forever.

8. Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. He is awesome and very hot especially when he wears his red cap. Many of you, girls, most likely had posters with him on the wall in your bedroom. This band used to be one of the most listened to and very famous.4. Axl Rose from Guns’n’Roses. He is an absolutely perfect example of pure hotness. Long hair, amazing eyes and awesome voice range. His features are most delightful for eyes and years don’t seem to affect him badly at all.

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