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Falling In Love With Yourself: Signs Of Low Self-Esteem And Ways To Rise It

When you love yourself, the life itself starts loving you, and if you are having hard times accepting yourself with all your shortcomings, you definitely need some help. Some people spend many years (and dollars) on visiting psychiatrists who are supposed to help them solve this problem, but in fact, you can easily cope with it on your own. So, you belong to this category of people if you:

* Deny compliments (“Oh, are you talking about this old crap I’m wearing today?”, “No, I’m not smart, I’ve figured the answer out by random sample”);

* Try to “justify” yourself for your looking good (“That’s not about me, that’s about my dress – it makes me look skinnier”, “Oh, that’s just the color, it suits me”, “Say that to my hairdresser”);

* Reserve your own merits to other people (“I would never ever complete this task without my colleague!”);

* Don’t buy things for yourself but buy them for others. You think that you deprive yourself from the purchase because you want to save money, but in fact, unconsciously, you just believe you are pathetic and don’t deserve it;

* Are scared of asking your boss to increase your salary or start searching for part time job or some alternative sources of income. It happens because you think that you are not doing good at work and simply don’t deserve being well-paid;

* Allow people to give you pet names with affectionate diminutive suffixes that basically dishonor you (Dummy, Fatty, etc).

The best way to cope with low self-esteem is to dwell upon your strengths instead of weaknesses. People are not born with low self-esteem, so something (or someone) was conductive to this mental disorder. Your parents have never told you that you are pretty? Or maybe it’s your ex’s fault? Fish the real reason out of the dark closet of your memories and try to understand that it’s not your fault. As soon as you start treating yourself as the Lord of the world, the world will show you how friendly it can be.


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