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Heroes and antiheroes in literature

Perhaps everyone has their favorite movie or novel characters, and now you probably can remember one of your favorite heroes and antiheroes like Thor and Loki, Batman and Joker, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, but what makes them so appealing?
Why do we like heroes? It is a known fact that no one likes know-it-alls or these Marry-Sew characters: sugary misters Right and Perfect. There is a secret: every character that you may like has his flaws. A perfect hero has four things: treasure, aim, secret and… a flaw.
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What Does Writer’s Work Really Mean?

What is a typical image of a writer? Well, usually people imagine a writer as a person who sits in a cozy armchair with the air of thoughtfulness on his face; he sips cognac and thinks about the existence. Then he relocates to the table and half an hour later his pen/keyboard produces a masterpiece of modern literature. After that our genius goes to the editor and a month later we can see his novel on the racks of the bookstores with a tag ‘Bestseller’ on it. Another version: a writer is racing to and fro in one end of the room like a lunatic, his hair in mess, his chin unshaven and his mind full of obsessive-compulsive thoughts. Then all of a sudden he hits a pen and starts writing feverishly and several hours later falls asleep, exhausted and jaded. Then his wife enters a room, picks the scripts, reads it and gets thunderstruck by his genius. She grabs the papers and goes to the publishing company where everyone faints because of the brilliance of the novel, and voila – he’s a millionaire!

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Angelique series by Sergeanne Golon

“Angelique” was one of my favorite books when I was 18. It is written by Anne and Serge Gollon (Sergeanne Golon). It was a pen name of Simone Changeux and Vsevolod Sergeïvich Goloubinoff. “Angelique” series contains 13 books. It tells us about a beautiful woman named Angelique who lived in France in XVII century. Simone was writing the series of novels while her husband was trying to learn more information about that time, studying documents at the Versailles library.

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