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Angelique series by Sergeanne Golon

“Angelique” was one of my favorite books when I was 18. It is written by Anne and Serge Gollon (Sergeanne Golon). It was a pen name of Simone Changeux and Vsevolod Sergeïvich Goloubinoff. “Angelique” series contains 13 books. It tells us about a beautiful woman named Angelique who lived in France in XVII century. Simone was writing the series of novels while her husband was trying to learn more information about that time, studying documents at the Versailles library.

I am going to tell you about the first three books and I hope you will make up your mind to read them.

1. Angelique, the Marquise of the Angels. The beginning of the book is devoted to Angelique’s childhood. A reader understands that Angelique is a very independent and brave girl. As she grows up we realize that among other qualities Angelique has a bad temper. She is a brave, bold, but very kind person. When she comes back from the school for girls, she learns that her parents arranged marriage for her. She is 17 and her husband is twice her age, and according to rumors his face is scared and he is limped. It turns out to be true and Angelique suffers because she has to marry that man. But Joffrey de Peyrac turns out to be a great man and a talented scientist. He wins her love and they live happily. Angelique gives birth to his son and in a very short time Joffrey de Peyrac gets arrested for sorcery (the real reasons were political). Angelique visits the King and begs him to set him free, but he turns down her request. The book ends with burning Joffrey de Peyrac.

2. The Road to Versailles. After her beloved husband dies, Angelique winds up in the streets, poor and heartbroken. She meets her old friend from childhood and shares shelter with him and his gang of thieves and criminals. She also meets a detective who helps her to learn more about her husband’s death. She realizes she is pregnant by her dead husband with her second child.

3. Angelique and the King. Angelique meets her cousin who is well known and respected by the King. Desperate, she blackmails him into marrying her and giving a title to her children. After the wedding he almost beats her to death and rapes her, mad because of the fact she tricked him into marrying her. The live separately and almost don’t see each other. Everything changes when he learns he is about to become a father. As the time passes they fall in love with each other. The King lusts after Angélique too. He sends her husband to war where he dies. Angélique refuses to be a King’s lover and he tells her the truth about her first husband: he didn’t die, the body burnt was that of a dead criminal, and Joffrey de Peyrac was sent to a different place where he escaped the prison.

So Angelique sets out in search of him.


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