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New Trend – Itinerary

Nowadays, when the Internet provides endless opportunities to reveal your talent or improve creative skills, writing became a common activity among all groups of the society. Everybody write, some for their own pleasure, some for the purpose to become known among the readers. A new trend in the world of writing is itinerary, a travel journal, or, as it is called in the modern language, travelog.

In travelogs you do not only describe your trip in terms of “I have visited the ruins of Angkor which present an excellent example of Khmer art”. It sounds boring and, besides, this information can be found in any guidebook devoted to Cambodia. What you need is to find something unique, to tell about the country through the prism of your own perception, to describe funny adventures you’ve experienced while visiting, for instance, the forbidden for tourists zones of these Angkor ruins.

Before starting your own travelog you may read the itineraries of other successful writers. It is better to choose one particular theme which will become the key note of your trip journal. Like, for instance, if you are in another country for business purposes describe your impression from work in this country by combining your own professional stories with local legends.

Using search engines you may also get information on how many people became recently interested in the country of which you are planning to speak. However, if there is not demand for Gibutti, for instance, it does not mean that you should not write about this place. On the contrary, it means that the niche is free and you can provide some fresh and unknown facts about this country. While traveling, look for interesting stories, communicate with local people and try to avoid ordinary tourist routes – they are already described in guidebooks. Writing a travelog can lead you to strange places, widen a circle of your friends and make your trip unforgettable. Besides, travelog is a perfect souvenir you will bring from your trip as it will refresh your memories during long winter evenings better than any sea shell or photo album.

To make your travelog really interesting not only for you but for the other readers as well, I recommend you to follow several instructions I have provided here.

First, collect all photos, notes, bills, tickets and maps. Think which facts are still missing and where you can find them. Make a plan of your narration.

Choose the main theme for your travelog, like, for instance, the conversations with locals, your impression from the cuisine or funny adventures on the road.

Provide some useful information as the potential readers may want to follow your way. It may be the description of convenient route, tips on how to bargain with traders, secret places where chip jewelry can be found. It is also good to tell about the things which are allowed and which are forbidden in the country you have visited. It will be more fun if you add some personal stories and tell about the consequences of violating these rules.

Finally, try to make your travelog unique by adding pictures or photos of your own and providing your own impression from the trip.


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