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My Top 10 Hottest Male Musicians

Girls often tend to fall in love with hot singers and musicians from famous bands. I decided to make my own top and I hope you will agree with me mostly.

So here is it:

10. Bruno Mars also known as Peter Gene Hernandez is another hot musician, an American singer very popular last year. Influenced by Elvis Presley he resembles him a lot in his hair cut and clothing. His music performance is unforgettable.

9. Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. A lot of girls used to suffer from infatuation with his perfect nose, gorgeous chin, big and dark eyes enlarged with make up. His amazing hairstyle is remarkable and remains in one’s mind for a long time if not forever.

8. Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. He is awesome and very hot especially when he wears his red cap. Many of you, girls, most likely had posters with him on the wall in your bedroom. This band used to be one of the most listened to and very famous.4. Axl Rose from Guns’n’Roses. He is an absolutely perfect example of pure hotness. Long hair, amazing eyes and awesome voice range. His features are most delightful for eyes and years don’t seem to affect him badly at all.

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Where to Find Reliable Information

In the modern world it is not a problem to get news and be informed on what actually happens. However, a new problem arises from this great diversity of information – how can we define the quality of data, as there are so many mass media resources and not of them are reliable? I made up a list of the most popular and most respected public editions in the world, hope it will help you to get qualitative information from the great variety of the news existed.

The Time magazine comes first. This public edition was first released in 1923 and since that time it is recognized as the most widely read in the world. It covers the events happening round the globe irrespective of the country or race, that’s why the information provided there can be considered objective. It is a great honor to find yourself on the pages of this magazine in the section Time Magazine Man of the Year.

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Put Your Anger under Control

Anger is a powerful emotion which is characteristic of every person no matter how mild he or she seems to be. If being suppressed, anger can destroy you from the inside, if revealed without measure and reason it can hurt people surrounding you. That’s why it is very important to control your anger in order not to cause troubles both yourself and other people.

Anger control will save you from some problems with your health. If you are in a hot temper too often and the feeling is too strong it may lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and disorders of your nervous system. If the anger is suppressed it usually leads to anxiety, depression, headaches, skin disorders and digestive problems. The fact is, anger is neither good nor bad – it is just a normal emotion you should learn to work with.

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News hunting

It is strange and sometimes even ridiculous how some people like to follow the lives of the others. The greatest attention is paid to the life and love stories of the celebrities. Fans are desperate to see the photos of their idols without make-up, with some extra weight on their perfect bellies or with crying babies on their hands. May be the thought that these ideal creatures are not perfect after all calms us down as their defects resemble us ourselves.

In order to satisfy the need of candid photos and hot stories about the celebs here appeared a generation of special photographers and journalists – paparazzi. They work as independent contractors and make agreements with any mainstream media which can offer a higher price. Paparazzi use any means to get the news, so their reputation is quite notorious, especially in the world of celebrities. In some countries there are even laws passed against them. For example, in Norway, Germany and France photographers need permission of the people on their photos to release these photos.

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