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Swimming Tips For Chickens

I’ve heard many legends about human’s “unfloatability”. They say that being in the water is unnatural for a human being, but I dare to disagree. ANY healthy person can swim, and that’s a proven fact. Are you still afraid of approaching the water? Let me tell you something.


First of all, human body IS able to float. Basically, it is heavier than the water because of the bones and organs. So, what helps us floating? Right you are, the air. It is concentrated primarily in our lungs and intestine, and it means that we won’t drawn until we stopped breathing. So, the first advice is: BREATHE! Try to calm down, don’t make any intrusive moves and breathe softly.


Fear is your bitter enemy. The vast majority of people can’t learn to swim simply because they are scared to start but not because of their physical disabilities. To cope with your fear, let’s try to find out why some people drown and others don’t. The point is when a person gets to the water, his brain identify an uncommon situation which causes panic. His instinct for survival orders him to do the best he can to get out of the water. Thus, he starts making sharp and active movements with his arms and legs and utilizes all his energy within a couple of minutes.

If a person who can swim finds himself in the same situation, his instincts are silent. He is comfortable with the environment and knows there’s nothing to worry about. His movements are calm and soft, and energy consumption is lower. All in all, your phobias are the only things that prevent you from swimming like a fish!

How To Start

First of all, choose an appropriate place for swimming. The best idea for the beginners is a swimming pool or a shallow lake with flat bottom and no streams. The water shouldn’t be too cold in order to avoid convulsions and spasms. Ask your friend who can swim to assist and secure you against drowning.


I call it “The Float”. This exercise is aimed on demonstrating you that you can keep your body floating and won’t go down. Take a deep breath and squat down on your haunches. Then hug your bended legs with your arms, head against your knees. Hold your breathing and try to “float” on the surface for as long as you can. This exercise will help you understand that you won’t drown till you have some oxygen in your lungs. After your realizing this fact you can skip straight to your trainings. Good luck!


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One thought on “Swimming Tips For Chickens

  1. Very nice! I completely agree with you about the fear factor in swimming. I’ve had a friend who almost drowned while he tried to swim. He admitted he was scared to death and started hyperventilating, only, he was inhaling water!

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