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Heroes and antiheroes in literature

Perhaps everyone has their favorite movie or novel characters, and now you probably can remember one of your favorite heroes and antiheroes like Thor and Loki, Batman and Joker, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, but what makes them so appealing?
Why do we like heroes? It is a known fact that no one likes know-it-alls or these Marry-Sew characters: sugary misters Right and Perfect. There is a secret: every character that you may like has his flaws. A perfect hero has four things: treasure, aim, secret and… a flaw.
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Alien Shoot

The game Alien Shooter was released in the end of August in 2003. The main idea of Alien Shooter in the following: the gamer has to shoot the various types of the alien monsters during the all ten gaming sessions and does his best to stay alive. In Alien Shooter the amount of the aliens and monsters around the gamer increases all the possible limits that could be imagined.

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Are Psychological Tests Really Helpful?

The necessity to find out who are we is as old as the hills. The ancient Sumerian tribes used the first psychological tests in the sixth century B. C. That practice helped the wise men to choose the bravest and decisive men to join the warriors. The power of their will was proven by the cruel assay. A man was to shoot his own horse from his bow. A wide number of similar examples can be found in the Bible. The most famous experiment was probably carried out by Solomon. The ancient governor used the psychological method to arbitrate the two women who couldn’t decide which of them was the mother of a baby. He pretended he wanted to kill the baby. The real mother agreed to give her baby to the other woman in order to save its life. Confucius and his followers founded the method of public officials screening based on their personal achievements without taking into consideration their wealth and aristocratic origin. The shortlisting for the philosophic and religious schools in Greece was based not only on the depth of students’ knowledge but also on the ability to use the skills in a critical situation. In the end of nineteenth century the British scientists Fransis Galton has carried out the public examination and psychological testing of an enormous group of ten thousand people. In that way he showed how dramatic the difference is even between the people of one and the same age. Several years later the German psychologist Munsterberg developed the psychological tests that we still use.

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Air France

Air France was a duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. School friends Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt created a band and released tracks which are usually described as Balearic disco, beach foam pop, disco dub and post-rave bliss. It is hard to believe that this music was composed in a cold and remote Swedish city. Well, it is so. In March 2012 Karlsson and Markstedt announced about split-up of the band. Their most favorable albums are No Way Down and On Trade Winds. By 2011 the band became extremely popular among indie groups. The guys performed in Europe, Canada and in the United States. The duo released their albums and several singles under the record label Sincerely Yours based in Gothenburg and established by The Tough Alliance.

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The New Sort Of Rice That Requires No Fertilizers

The international association of the specialists in genetics has developed the new sort of rice which is able to grow and crop in the soil which lacks phosphor without the necessity in using any fertilizers. They inserted the PSTOL1 gene into the DNA molecule of the plant. The PSTOL1 gene was present in the DNA structures of wild rice in fact but was “lost” in the process of domestication as reported in the article published in the latest issue of Nature magazine.

Phosphor is the micro-element of the crucial significance for the normal growth and development of both plants and animals. As a rule the soil in the most regions contains less phosphor than it is required to maintain the maximum fast growth of the croppers. In that way these ares need the constant manuring. The left-outs of the mineral fertilizers used are washed by the waters of the rivers into the sea. That causes the increasing the amount of seaweed and the acidulation of the water.

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How to Learn to Sing Well

Many people like singing. We sing the scout songs accompanied by the sounds of a guitar or sing together with our favorite pop stars imagining that a hair comb in our hand is a microphone. Someone may murmur the favorite tunes while having a shower and another people sing during cleaning their house. But to love singing doesn’t mean to sing well. If you have decided to pick up singing as your new hobby you may be asking yourself a question about the way to learn how to sing well.

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Why Don’t People Believe Horoscopes

Do you know your horoscope? When the people hear that question they answer that they are Capricorns or Pisces without a moment of hesitation. But this information is usually obtained by the people via tabloids and non-reliable books by doubtful authors. The papers of suspicious quality and free internet resources publish the horoscopes that are complied by computer programs and applications which have nothing to do with the deep and profound analysis of a person carried out by a specialist. Moreover they use the same information that is slightly altered and published in a randomized order.

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What Nutrition Is Considered To Be ‘Normal’: Answer 5 Questions And Find Out Your Nutrition Style

The concept of ‘normal’ nutrition may vary from person to person. Indeed, the answer to the question ‘What nutrition style is normal?’ depends on your location, gender, profession and background. Nevertheless, there are several points that are common for everyone, such as not drinking too much alcohol, try to limit your consumption of fast food etc. The scientists from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics asked several questions about healthy nutrition, and today I’m going to answer them according to my idea of ‘normal’ nutrition.

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Stereotypes of Muslims.

People tend to generalize things and events. Especially if it concerns the most disputable and controversial issues. Unfortunately it may cause serious problems. People are different and not many of us are okay with it. Let’s see what westerners tend to think of Muslims.

Due to the political and war conflicts in the East many have negative notion of Muslim culture and traditions. Negative representation appeared for the first time in mass culture. Such movies as The Sheik (1921), The Song of Love (1923), The Black Stallion (1979) are depicting the Arabs as cunning and opportunistic individuals. In fact stereotypes regarding the Arabs and Muslim culture stem from mass culture. People are affected by it and are sure that they know pretty much about Muslim traditions and customs.

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What Does Writer’s Work Really Mean?

What is a typical image of a writer? Well, usually people imagine a writer as a person who sits in a cozy armchair with the air of thoughtfulness on his face; he sips cognac and thinks about the existence. Then he relocates to the table and half an hour later his pen/keyboard produces a masterpiece of modern literature. After that our genius goes to the editor and a month later we can see his novel on the racks of the bookstores with a tag ‘Bestseller’ on it. Another version: a writer is racing to and fro in one end of the room like a lunatic, his hair in mess, his chin unshaven and his mind full of obsessive-compulsive thoughts. Then all of a sudden he hits a pen and starts writing feverishly and several hours later falls asleep, exhausted and jaded. Then his wife enters a room, picks the scripts, reads it and gets thunderstruck by his genius. She grabs the papers and goes to the publishing company where everyone faints because of the brilliance of the novel, and voila – he’s a millionaire!

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