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How to Keep Fit At Home

The fitness equipment is too expensive and it demands a lot of space in the house. The fitness club is too far and you simply have no free time to attend it. Sometimes you can’t manage to do all the household activities and have no time left for shaping your body. If this situation is familiar to you the following tips will help you to keep fit without not only leaving your house but also the distracting from you everyday routine. To provide the essential physical strain and make your body burn the fat one should just add some exercise to his or her natural movements.

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Swimming Tips For Chickens

I’ve heard many legends about human’s “unfloatability”. They say that being in the water is unnatural for a human being, but I dare to disagree. ANY healthy person can swim, and that’s a proven fact. Are you still afraid of approaching the water? Let me tell you something.


First of all, human body IS able to float. Basically, it is heavier than the water because of the bones and organs. So, what helps us floating? Right you are, the air. It is concentrated primarily in our lungs and intestine, and it means that we won’t drawn until we stopped breathing. So, the first advice is: BREATHE! Try to calm down, don’t make any intrusive moves and breathe softly.

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