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Alien Shoot

The game Alien Shooter was released in the end of August in 2003. The main idea of Alien Shooter in the following: the gamer has to shoot the various types of the alien monsters during the all ten gaming sessions and does his best to stay alive. In Alien Shooter the amount of the aliens and monsters around the gamer increases all the possible limits that could be imagined.

The never ceasing shooting, explosions, adrenaline, great soundtrack are the basic distinctive features of this game. The amount of blood and organic scraps of all kinds exceeds everything that you have ever seen before.

The game Alien Shooter is full of the incredible drive as it is commonly completed in one breath. But the experienced gamer may feel some hints to Crimsonland, another kill-them-all game. The developers of Alien Shooter admit that they have really been inspired by Crimsonland while they were designing Alien Shooter. But the response speed of Alien Shooter is higher and the gamer has more fun.

The game Alien Shooter has literally exploded the shareware market in 2003 as it immediately hit the tops of all the ratings. The profit gained by the game release was spent on the designing of the two add-ons Alien Shooter: Fight For Life and Alien Shooter: The Experiment.

One may choose either female or male character in Alien Shooter. The characters differ with the starting features. The male character has more health and power while the female one is able to run faster and shoot more accurately. But on the whole the gameplays don't differ a lot. These abilities and characteristics (accurate shooting, health, speed, power) may be improved with the help of the packages the gamer gets each time he kills an alien monster.

The two modes, "campaign" and "survive" ones are equally popular among the fans of Alien Shoot.

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