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Killed for honor

In the history of religion there are a lot of horrible facts among the respected ones, the ones that must strengthen the spirituality of a person and make people proud of their faith.

What frightens the world right now is the increasing amount of women honor killings in Muslim countries and communities in Europe. This is the religious ritual, the sign that seems so obsolete, one can hardly believe that such animal laws can still exist in the modern developed world.

The statistics say that annually about 20 thousand women all over the world are killed “for honor” which is thoroughly concealed by such guilty countries as Egypt, Pakistan and even Turkey.

The stories about emotionless and senseless women killings are so numerous that they seem likely to become banal.

The father and the grandfather of the 16 year old Medina Mehmi buried her alive for just communicating with boys. In 2008 Aisha Ibrahim Duhulov in Somalia was dug into the ground up to her shoulders and beaten with rocks in the eyes of thousands of people. When she was taken out of the ground she was still alive. Her executors put her back and continued beating her until she died. Her only sin was that she was raped by 3 men. The man who raped his own daughter and made her pregnant killed this girl for the “shame she brought”.

The punishment for the honor crime can also be the rape itself. For example in 2002 in Punjab an 11 years old boy was accused of dishonoring a 30 years old woman just for taking a walk with her. The tribe council decided that the punishment should be the group raping of the 18 years old sister of the boy. After the rape she was to cross the village naked.

It’s practically impossible to prove that these killings are also a crime. The voice of the religion is louder than the law in these countries. The rights of women are a null. The word of the man is everything. So, even in the cases when the courts are set to investigate honor killings any man can prove he is not guilty by just saying the woman has been killed for a shameful crime. And he doesn’t need any proof or evidence.

All this drives us to one simple question: do the obsolete and inhuman laws of the religion have the right to exist or must the religion be slightly changed to answer the requirements of the developing world and way of think, to the modern values? Isn’t all this awful statistics trying to tell us that the borders of the human behavior and the animal one are continuing to be eliminated?


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