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How to Keep Fit At Home

The fitness equipment is too expensive and it demands a lot of space in the house. The fitness club is too far and you simply have no free time to attend it. Sometimes you can’t manage to do all the household activities and have no time left for shaping your body. If this situation is familiar to you the following tips will help you to keep fit without not only leaving your house but also the distracting from you everyday routine. To provide the essential physical strain and make your body burn the fat one should just add some exercise to his or her natural movements.

  • How much time per day do you watch TV? Are you sitting or lying in front of the screen? Try to sit on the edge of your sofa, lift your legs and bear your hands to the surface behind. Keep this position and count to ten. If it’s difficult to you try to bend your knees.

  • How do you go up the stairs? Try to make the steps slowly and let the legs feel the strain. Stop each time you rise one leg to make the other hold the weight of your body. Taking ten steps you make significant effort.
  • If you carry two bags spread their weight evenly. Don’t carry one huge and heavy bag in one hand. It’s better to carry a middle-sized one in each hand. Bend your elbows several times. It’s enough to repeat this action for five times a day to provide the required strain for the arm muscles.

  • If you’ve just finished the laundry and hang the fresh clothes on the rope. Stand on the tiptoes as long as you can. Then do some sit-ups.

You’ll see that it’s not necessary to waste a lot of time and money to keep fit. If you will do these simple exercises the results will be astonishing.


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