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How to Learn to Sing Well

Many people like singing. We sing the scout songs accompanied by the sounds of a guitar or sing together with our favorite pop stars imagining that a hair comb in our hand is a microphone. Someone may murmur the favorite tunes while having a shower and another people sing during cleaning their house. But to love singing doesn’t mean to sing well. If you have decided to pick up singing as your new hobby you may be asking yourself a question about the way to learn how to sing well.

  • The most important factor that will define if you are able to sing or not is the absence or presence of sense of pitch. Without having a good ear for music a person won’t match the right notes with his voice. Good news is that there are practically no people who haven’t any sense of pitch at all. You are likely to have the abilities that need to be developed into skills.
  • At first try to learn singing a due. A due is an Italian music term which denotes the simultaneous sounding of several instruments or human voices at one and the same pitch. Begin with singing together with the person who confidently keeps to the notes or use the musical instruments to tune into the pitch.
  • Don’t try to widen your voice compass by yourself. Without the supervision of a professional singing teacher you are likely to damage your vocal cords.
  • Make some records of your voice. At first the sound of your voice may seem strange to you. It’s quite natural. We hear ourselves in a different way from the others hear us. Try to evaluate the result objectively. Do you sound beautiful? Anyway don’t give in and move ahead. In a couple of months your singing will get much better.


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