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The New Sort Of Rice That Requires No Fertilizers

The international association of the specialists in genetics has developed the new sort of rice which is able to grow and crop in the soil which lacks phosphor without the necessity in using any fertilizers. They inserted the PSTOL1 gene into the DNA molecule of the plant. The PSTOL1 gene was present in the DNA structures of wild rice in fact but was “lost” in the process of domestication as reported in the article published in the latest issue of Nature magazine.

Phosphor is the micro-element of the crucial significance for the normal growth and development of both plants and animals. As a rule the soil in the most regions contains less phosphor than it is required to maintain the maximum fast growth of the croppers. In that way these ares need the constant manuring. The left-outs of the mineral fertilizers used are washed by the waters of the rivers into the sea. That causes the increasing the amount of seaweed and the acidulation of the water.

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