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What Nutrition Is Considered To Be ‘Normal’: Answer 5 Questions And Find Out Your Nutrition Style

The concept of ‘normal’ nutrition may vary from person to person. Indeed, the answer to the question ‘What nutrition style is normal?’ depends on your location, gender, profession and background. Nevertheless, there are several points that are common for everyone, such as not drinking too much alcohol, try to limit your consumption of fast food etc. The scientists from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics asked several questions about healthy nutrition, and today I’m going to answer them according to my idea of ‘normal’ nutrition.

1. How does the concept of ‘normal‘ nutrition influences your idea of eating?

Well, I always eat if I’m hungry and immediately stop eating when I’m full. Actually, I stop eating even before the feeling of satiation hits my brain because I know that it comes about 20 minutes later. It’s very important to control yourself: can you imagine how much you can swallow in these 20 minutes?

2. Is it okay to eat something out of courtesy?

It depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s better to eat an offered meal with a bright smile rather than being impolite and letting a person down. But sometimes it’s really important to stand your ground and refuse to eating.

3. Is it ‘normal’ to save some space in your stomach for a dessert?

I think it’s quite normal, but of course it depends on the dessert. Sometimes it can be so huge and filling that dessert alone is enough.

4. Is it okay to eat a dessert instead of lunch or dinner?

It’s okay for me because a big cheesecake and a plateful of pasta are equal in terms of calories. At the same time, human body requires a whole set of nutrients (fats, carbs, proteins), but desserts are all about carbs. Thus, my answer is: it’s fine if happens occasionally.

5. Is it ‘normal’ to use some definite characteristics of a product to get a desired effect?

It means drinking coffee when you need some energy, eating oatmeal if you have some digestion problems, grabbing sweets to cheer up and drinking alcoholic beverages when you need to relax. I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, the summary comes as follows:

  • it’s normal to go to the kitchen when you’re hungry and go away when you’re full;
  • it’s normal to eat guilt-free food but allow some minor ‘misbehavior’ from time to time;
  • it’s normal to eat when you are sad or happy, bored or scared. Or try weiss wurst in Vienna and Tom Yum in Thailand. Or that bizarre mashed mixed of candies, ice cream and Oreos that your kid has just cooked. Simply because it makes our life fancier;
  • it’s normal to eat 3 times a day and grab some light snacks 2 times a day;
  • it’s normal to be picky with products. Check the labels on the foods and opt for the healthiest ones;
  • it’s normal to plan your menu and make it as diverse as possible;
  • it’s normal to eat more than you usually do if the situation doesn’t leave you a choice;
  • it’s normal to go for a diet from time to time and give your intestine a rest.

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