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Where to Find Reliable Information

In the modern world it is not a problem to get news and be informed on what actually happens. However, a new problem arises from this great diversity of information – how can we define the quality of data, as there are so many mass media resources and not of them are reliable? I made up a list of the most popular and most respected public editions in the world, hope it will help you to get qualitative information from the great variety of the news existed.

The Time magazine comes first. This public edition was first released in 1923 and since that time it is recognized as the most widely read in the world. It covers the events happening round the globe irrespective of the country or race, that’s why the information provided there can be considered objective. It is a great honor to find yourself on the pages of this magazine in the section Time Magazine Man of the Year.

The second place belongs to National Geographic. This journal covers everything that concerns the world of natural phenomena and wildlife. It is also famous for its brilliant photos of natural events, people all over the globe and different remote places of which we had not the slightest idea before reading this magazine. For me National Geographic became a door to the world, with the help of this edition it is always possible to be informed on how the life in different parts of the planet is going on.

Though I am not much of a sports fan I will place Sports Illustrated on the third position in my list. It provides reliable information on sports related events all over the world. Due to the long lasting reputation of this magazine you can without hesitation trust what it tells you.

For those who are interested in fashion the best option to get fresh news is to read Vogue. This magazine is the most prestigious in this sphere, the best photographers and models are involved in the process of its creation. That’s why the illustrations in this magazine look like fashionable items themselves.

Of course, there is also need of a qualitative magazine which covers the news in the world of show business and the life of celebrities. My choice is Rolling Stone. It is a bimonthly edition which is known as the authority in the world of music. Celebrities are always surrounded with gossips, but with Rolling Stone the risk to read another fake story about your idols is minimal.

Finally, let’s put to this list a magazine just for pleasure. I speak not of the Playboy, though this magazine is definitely number one among the male population of our planet. But since it lacks informative content I will name Men’s Health instead of it. This magazine provides all necessary information which can interest men, be it training, cars, outdoor activities or relations with women. The wide range of topics under discussion makes this edition very popular among men and women who want to understand them better.


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