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It is strange and sometimes even ridiculous how some people like to follow the lives of the others. The greatest attention is paid to the life and love stories of the celebrities. Fans are desperate to see the photos of their idols without make-up, with some extra weight on their perfect bellies or with crying babies on their hands. May be the thought that these ideal creatures are not perfect after all calms us down as their defects resemble us ourselves.

In order to satisfy the need of candid photos and hot stories about the celebs here appeared a generation of special photographers and journalists – paparazzi. They work as independent contractors and make agreements with any mainstream media which can offer a higher price. Paparazzi use any means to get the news, so their reputation is quite notorious, especially in the world of celebrities. In some countries there are even laws passed against them. For example, in Norway, Germany and France photographers need permission of the people on their photos to release these photos.

The relations between paparazzi and celebrities can be described as constant war. These sneaky photographers showed their power in the August of 1997, when hunting after the Princess Diana has led to her tragic death. Paparazzi can destroy any reputation and they have no respect for private life, that’s why they are so widely hated by the stars.

Lots of celebs have much to say about paparazzi ruining their lives. For instance, Britney Spears had troubles with them and there is also an opinion that she shaved her head in front of the cameras in order to get back at them. It was these pushy photographers who made the shots of her driving drunk with a kid on her lap, which caused her much trouble in the court.

The desire of paparazzi to get closer to someone’s private affairs will become more understandable if you know the prices on the photos of the most popular stars. According to the version of Forbes, the most expensive photos belong to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, a daughter of the most famous celebrity couple. They were purchased for $4.1 million by People magazine. In this case the celebs decided not to wait for the photographers to get the shots without their permission. Besides, they saved the nerves and earned money by allowing the whole world to enter their private life.

Some stars choose another method of fighting with paparazzi. They hire their own photographers to capture big-ticket events, such as weddings and births. It protects them from stress of being unexpectedly exposed to public view and gives them opportunity to share excellent pictures instead of scary-faced images provided by the paparazzi. Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Britney Spears are known to use this method.

With time, a new trend in paparazzi art has emerged. People are no longer interested in staged photos, they need images of their idols taking out the trash or walking a dog, and again paparazzi are here to satisfy this request. I think the fans just want to know that the celebrities are real, but this desire may cause these celebs real pain.


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